You were a bridge,
Or maybe more of a segue,
You led me to the launching pad,
Where I leapt above the fray.

You see, I had not lived without you,
In more than a couple years,
So when our relationship ended,
I faced all my worst fears.

I sat with them for a while,
I looked them in the eyes.
That was when it occurred to me,
They were just a guise.

Fear is a facade,
It is all just a game,
But it only has power,
If you choose to play.

When you look closely,
You realize it is just a net.
And there’s a great big ocean,
Waiting outside of it.

People will be judgmental,
Like the sun will surely rise.
But if you stop fearing it,
It becomes a powerless device.

So I collected my fears,
And I put them on a stack.
I set them on fire,
And never looked back.

Out of the rubble and ash,
A little flower emerged,
It looked like it was delicate,
But it was unstoppable, like a storm’s surge.

The water that fed the flower,
Would never let it die.
It would grow continuously,
Higher and higher into the sky.

The flower was filled with light,
The kind you cannot put out.
It was full of peace and love,
And it flowed like a spout.

The very same thing,
Which was sent to destroy,
Built a solid foundation,
That would hold endless joy.

Gaze is toward the future,
Only aiming higher,
Headed to brighter days,
Away from yesterday’s muck and mire.

When fears roar,
It now roars louder,
Because it knows,
Who has the real power.

In that sense I’m thankful,
Despite the excruciating pain,
Because it was only temporary,
But led to permanent gain.

Redemption is a more than a word,
He lives and he breathes.
And he will come rescue you,
If you’re ever in need.

© Regina Mast 2015

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