The Reason

You’re the reason I believe life saves the best for last,
You’re the reason I know the future’s brighter than the past.

You’re the reason I am certain God hears prayers.
Sometimes the answers take the elevator, sometimes they take the stairs. 

You’re the reason I know God shows up in ordinary ways,
In the ordinary moments on the ordinary days.

You’re the reason I see His love inside of each and every choice,
Bursting forth through inspiration we think is our own voice.

I know less than ever about what lies ahead,
But I’ll face tomorrow with courage instead of dread.

Every path has obstacles, even the most calculated ones.
There is no safety in the method, only the outcome.

The hard things are worth it,
Every single time.
The trick is to seek peace,
And enjoy the climb.

© Regina Mast 2018

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