The river of change,
Feels a lot like a roller coaster,
When you’re not exactly sure where you’re going,
You just know that you’re getting closer.

Closer to your “more”
Closer to your next destination.
Take every open door,
Without demanding an explanation.

The whys keep us hung up,
They keep us chasing our own tails,
We don’t need to know every reason,
For every turn in our fairytales.

We’ll understand with time,
Particularly, when we’re looking back.
Hindsight is 20/20.
So cut your need-to-know-now some slack.

I think that’s what they mean,
When they say “go with the flow”,
Embrace the changes coming toward you,
Learn to just let go.

If you try to fight it,
And try to keep your feet planted,
You’ll only end up feeling slighted,
You’ll make the journey feel disenchanted.

You’ll get water in your face,
It’s not going to be pleasant,
Obviously, you’ll be okay.
But you won’t enjoy the present.

It shouldn’t be painful,
It shouldn’t be uncomfortable,
Pull your feet up and go with the current,
It should feel fun, not disdainful.

Peace will be your guide,
If you don’t know to go left or right,
But keep in mind that peace doesn’t mean easy,
It’s what lets you sleep at night.

You’ll know it in your gut,
You have an internal compass,
That will confirm or disrupt,
The views on the environment you encompass.

It’s the feeling you can’t quite control,
It shows up on its own,
It’s always with you,
But sometimes makes itself more known.

Changes come and go,
There is no stopping them,
The quicker you loosen your grip on controlling things,
The less you’ll feel like you’re struggling.

Sometimes our lack of understanding,
Makes us feel alone,
However, your course is directed,
You’re never on your own.

Sure, you have a choice,
In every single matter.
Are they random or planned?
I would have to say the latter.

You’re headed to brighter days,
There are many blessings downstream,
Dare to let yourself hope!
Dare to let yourself dream!

© Regina Mast 2016

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