This Place

I’ve been here before,
I know This place,
I know This love,
I know This face.

I know how it ends,
Every challenge, every time,
It ends with more praise,
Put into a rhyme.

My Rescuer, My Redeemer,
My Prince of Peace,
Working things out for my good,
In a way I expected the least.

I don’t know when or how,
I only know that You will,
Because I know Your heart towards me,
Turning this adventure into a thrill.

In You, I am strong,
In You, I am brave,
My Knight in Shining Armor,
Who is always near to save.

When I look back on my past,
And reflect on days gone by,
I see Your handiwork,
Has followed me all my life.

You chase me, You capture me,
You win me over with love,
Today, tomorrow, and always,
My Heavenly Father above.

I say above,
Though You’re actually here,
You’re everywhere,
Filling the atmosphere.

With power and might,
With mercy and grace,
I find rest, I’m at ease,
In the secret place.

I’ll share this story too,
With tears welling up in my eyes,
About how You again demonstrated Your love,
And taught this eagle how to fly.

© Regina Mast 2016

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