Under A Shade Tree

Under a shade tree,
In the midst of a meadow,
Rustling bright green leaves,
Droop like a weeping willow.

Next to a wilderness,
Lush green grass thrives,
Birds chirping all around,
Bright blue clear skies.

A quiet stream in the distance,
Water swishing around rocks,
A gentle breeze graces me with its presence,
Here, darkness cannot knock.

Under the shadow,
Of the Most High,
Rest is found,
As is Truth from any lie.

I first stumbled upon it,
In a time of much grief,
When I was out of options,
And chose You to seek.

Though I know You chose me,
Desperation simply removed my blinders,
I asked where You’d been,
And You brought back many reminders.

You were here all along,
Beckoning my soul home,
Though I had taken my own way,
Until I could no longer roam.

Here, You revived my heart,
It beats calmly, at rest,
I know that You,
Are bringing about my best,

I don’t know exactly when,
I only know with certainty,
That no matter what I do,
What should be will be.

I asked and You answered,
You provided me with vision,
For without one, people perish,
Which is why Yours have precision.

I need not strive or seek,
I need only be still,
Though I’m free to wait as I please,
You continue to make clear Your will.

I never wait alone,
There is always Company,
Sitting at my right side,
No longer seated at Your feet.

My soul finds rest,
In Your embrace,
Your all-consuming love,
Expanses all time and space.

I’ll sing a song,
Of hope and peace,
About the love,
That You release.

I’ll write Your praises,
In a personal way,
And tell of Your goodness,
For all of my days.

© Regina Mast 2016

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