Where You Belong

Sweet child,
You are where you belong,
You are on the right path,
You did not get a turn wrong.

You are on your way,
To being the person you are becoming,
You’re progressing at the right pace,
There’s no need to keep running.

If you are weary,
Take time to seek rest,
The speed at which you move,
Is not a test.

Each day you blossom more,
Growing into who you are meant to be,
In spite of what it feels like,
In spite of what you see.

You are not behind schedule,
Nor are you ahead,
There’s no need to be burdened by frustration,
Choose to carry acceptance instead.

If you should be somewhere else,
Then you would be somewhere else.

Perhaps your current surroundings are unpleasant,
But this is not your final destination,
Your path will wind; it will go up and down,
The gift of Peace is a built-in navigation.

Peace does not mean doing what is easy,
Peace means doing what is right,
It’s like following a light,
That will lead you day and night.

Some steps are big,
Some steps are small,
Sometimes we get stuck,
Cause fear makes us stall.

This is perfectly okay,
This is part of the process,
Lost time will be made up,
That’s what redemption is.

All of the side trails,
Loop back to the main path,
You won’t be left behind,
Life will always bring you back.

Close your eyes for a moment,
And take some time to reflect,
Seek to identify your pressures,
And to sift out the things you expect.

Cup your hands in front of you,
And allow the expectations to collect,
Including goals you set for the sake of others,
And all the boxes you haven’t yet checked.

Let the idea of a timeline,
And the benchmarks which you set,
Pile up in your hands,
With any deadlines you haven’t met.

Then imagine a great big canyon,
With strong, powerful wind gusts,
Open your hands and allow these thoughts to scatter,
Permit your heart to replace them with a sense of trust.

Even if you can’t let go of it all,
Keep your palms open,
Allow the wind to do the rest of the work,
And blow away all the ideas that are broken.

Cleansing yourself of these burdens,
Makes it easier to transcend,
Constantly work to scatter expectations,
And the lies from which they are stemmed.

Gently open your eyes,
And have a fresh look around the room,
Glancing from right to left,
This is where you are meant to bloom.

Sit. Breathe.
Be consumed by Peace.
You are exactly where,
You are meant to be.

© Regina Mast 2016

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