Yo, Zoe!

Yo, Zoe!
I am thankful for you,
I appreciate you so much,
And all that you do!

When we first met,
My life was a bit bleak,
You offered encouragement,
Through the positive words you’d speak.

We’ve shared,
Some hysterical memories,
Some crazy adventures,
Some border-line emergencies.

You were there,
During some of my worst indiscretions,
You helped me pick up the pieces,
Without even asking questions.

I never once felt judged,
And you never held anything over my head,
You offered encouragement,
And kindness instead.

It’s hard to believe,
That we’ve only been friends for three years,
Cause it seems like we’ve been through so much:
Laughter, pain, and tears.

You push me,
And I push you,
When life gets tough,
We help each other pull through.

You understand me,
In so many ways,
I look forward to being friends,
For many, many days.

I’m sure we will continue,
Our fun escapades,
Way into the future,
Into our old age.

We’ll still own Body Pump,
When we are in our nineties,
Showing the young punks,
You can still kick a** after twenties.

I’m not sure we’ll make hot yoga,
But we can probably try,
Though if we have heart conditions,
This could make us die.

We might lose some time,
During our races,
Cause we’ll have hip problems,
And knee replacements.

And we’ll probably never stop,
Having our junk-foodie meals,
Even if our cholesterol is high,
And we have doctors on our heels.

I’m grateful for the past,
I’m grateful for the present,
I’m glad you’ve been a part of it!
You’re basically God-sent.

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