You Are Loved!

If I could empty out my heart today,
I’d pour its contents into balloons,
I would send them through the sky,
So that they find their way to you.

One for each heart,
That feels unworthy or unloved,
One for each heart,
That feels it’s not taken care of.

It would squeeze your heart so tightly,
And reassure you things will be alright,
It would give you fresh hope,
To bring a new perspective into sight.

It would tell you that you are lovable,
No matter how you feel,
It would show you that you’re treasured,
And that your heart will heal.

It would hold your pain,
And it would wipe your tears,
It would speak truth to you,
And chase away your fears.

Though I’m unable to do that,
I know the One that can,
So today I give this task to Him,
And lift you into His hands.

He already has you,
I’ll only ask Him to show you,
To give you the awareness of His love,
That you feel tangibly, through and through.

For several years,
My heart was hard, cold, and bitter,
The pain hurt and leached my courage,
And made me want to be a quitter.

I was done with life,
I thought I gave it a fair shot,
Then Jesus opened my eyes to truth,
And it was what made the pain stop.

He taught me I was enough,
Exactly as I am,
He brought to life a withered-up rose,
And somehow made it blossom.

I know what it feels like,
When you want to give up,
I know what it feels like,
When simply breathing feels like too much.

But I know what it feels like,
To experience redemption, too,
That’s why I want you to keep holding on,
Because He can also redeem things for you.

There are no favorites,
There is no qualifying,
It’s simply opening our eyes,
To the One who does the vying .

You are loved. You are loved. You are loved!

© Regina Mast 2016

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