A Sweet Pause

I’m on the computer,
I’m working away,
When I feel a gentle nudge,
Despite it being a stressful day,

A sweet pause,
A calm in the storm,
When my face sees Yours,
My heart instantly feels warm.

I’m reminded:
You are with me,
And You’ll never leave,
Knowing this gives me,
A sense of peace.

The waves look big,
There’s much I don’t understand,
Yet I know You guide me,
You’re gripping my hand.

When I am too tired,
And I’m unable to move,
You whisper to me,
And my worries are soothed.

This journey is long,
It’s not my first,
And it won’t be my last,
It brings me comfort,
When I look at my past.

You’ve always led me,
To greener pastures,
No doubt when the storm passes,
There will be more laughter.

For when the burden is light,
And there is much joy,
The heart releases melodies,
That nothing can destroy.

May I remember this moment,
And tuck it in my pocket,
So that when my eyes drift from Yours,
I’ll retain this feeling in a locket.

I’ll wear it around my neck,
I’ll keep it near,
I’ll remember You’re with me,
And I will not fear.

© Regina Mast 2016

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