Younger Me

She showed up unexpectedly,
Almost out of the blue,
At first I felt uncomfortable,
And didn’t know what to do.

She looked sad and somber,
Her back was noticeably slouched,
Her eyes were big and wide,
And her face wore a pout.

I smiled at her tenderly,
And I told her it was okay,
I told her I wasn’t angry,
And said things I’d been meaning to say:

“Hey sweet girl,
Lift up your head,
I forgave you a long time ago,
I know you did your very best.

I love you and adore you,
Completely, through and through,
I wouldn’t be who I am today,
If it wasn’t for you.

I’m sorry you didn’t know,
That you were worthy and loved,
I’m sorry I couldn’t be there then,
To let you know that you were enough.

But the pain you endured,
Made me the fighter I am today,
If it wasn’t for your perseverance,
I wouldn’t be this way.”

Before she could turn to leave,
I invited her to stay,
I welcomed her to come with me,
And enjoy the road she paved.

I want her to see the heights,
That I’ll reach because of her experience,
I want her to witness redemption,
Found through deliverance.

She sat up straighter,
Something told me she’d be just fine,
When I glanced into the mirror,
I saw her eyes inside of mine.

Her areas of weakness,
Are cloaked by my greatest strengths,
Together, we are unstoppable,
A force strong enough to go to any lengths.

I used to keep her a secret,
Because of guilt and shame,
But I have since learned,
That she wasn’t to blame.

Bad things happen to good people,
Everyone makes mistakes,
Grace is about second chances,
And getting undeserved breaks.

She’s an important part of my life,
A part that I never want to forget,
She is the reason why,
Me and my Maker finally met.

© Regina Mast 2016

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